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Crissy Colbeth
Greeley, Colorado
12/21/2015 8:40 PM ETZ
" I love visiting WineStyles when I'm in Anchorage. My son takes me there every time I'm in town. I love the selection of wine and gifts they offer but most of all their customer service.
I live in Colorado and I will call them to choose two bottles of wine for my son and I pay for them over the phone. Every bottle they have chosen for my son has been hit!
See you all next time I'm in town!

Anchorage, AK
7/25/2015 8:40 PM ETZ
" I don't normally drive out your direction and this was my first time at Wine Styles. Right away, I could tell it would be a great experience. Ryan helped me this afternoon and his customer service was excellent. I've been to other places where they don't even bother to say hello and are too busy on their cell phones to help. I told him about some of my favorite flavor notes, even though I'm no expert in wine, and he helped me find outstanding bottles. There was no pressure, good conversation, and a helpful employee who I could tell loves his job. Thank you Ryan and thank you Wine Styles. I will definitely be making the longer drive again to see you soon! "


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